Zorich V.A. Adjustment the Orientation of Remote Devices


Vladimir Antonovich Zorich
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor,
Department of Mathematical Analysis,
Lomonosov Moscow State University
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Leninskie Gory, 1, 119991 GSP-1 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract. It is well known that the Stern — Gerlach device orients the quantum particles of spin 1/2 along the vertical axis arranging them into two beams of opposite polarizations.

We show how one can use this phenomenon to adjust the orientation of remote devices. We discuss only the mathematical concept without the technical aspects of the implementation that might be essential.

The main idea is as follows.

Use device S to put the particle in state +S (spin in the direction of the z axis of device S) and send it to device S'.

The measurement of the received particle on device S' can give either the +S' state (spin in the direction of the z' axis) or the -S' state with probabilities p+ = cos2α/2 and p- = sin2 α/2 respectively, where is the angle between the z and z' axes of devices S and S'.

If we can use the S device to put particles in the +S state and in that state send them to the remote device S' without interference, then, after performing a representative series of launches of such particles, according to the statistics of the states observed on device S', one can calculate probabilities p+ and p-.

By either of values p+ or p-, (if they are calculated or measured reliably enough) one can find angle α= αof the deviation of the z' axis of device S' from the z axis of device S.

Key words: quantum particle, spin, Stern — Gerlach device, orientation.

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Citation in English: Mathematical Physics and Computer Simulation. Vol. 22 No. 2 2019, pp. 73-75

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