Science Journal of Volgograd State University. 
Mathematics. Physics. 

Has been issued since 1996.

ISSN (print): 2222-8896
ISSN (online): 2409-1782
Title (in language of publication)Вестник Волгоградского государственного университета. Серия 1.  Математика. Физика.
Translated title:  Vestnik Volgogradskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta. Seriya 1. Matematika. Fizika.
Alternative title for the journal in English: Science Journal of Volgograd State University. Mathematics. Physics.
Short titleScience Journal of VolSU. Mathematics. Physics.
Frequency: 6 issues a year:  № 1 – February, № 2 – April; № 3 – June; № 4 – August; № 5 – October, № 6  December.
Language(s) used in summaries and keywords: Russian, English
Peer Review type: Double-Blind. Submitted articles are reviewed by an independent expert in the matching discipline with anonymity for both author and referee
Registration Certificate of Mass Media: ПИФС77-25015 from 29.06.2006.
Subscription index in united catalogue “Russian Mass Media”: 13159.
Prospect Universitetsky, 100 Volgograd 400062
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Founder and Publisher:

Federal State Autonomous Educational Institution of Higher Education "Volgograd State University"


Chief Editor’s Message 

    Science Journal of Volgograd State University. Mathematics. Physics is focused on the publication of articles on a wide range of theoretical and applied problems of mathematics and physics. It is addressed to teaching staff, students, postgraduate students, university staff and scientific organizations in Russia and abroad.

    The main objective of the Editorial Staff is to achieve a wide readership by high level of publications, their relevance, theoretical originality and practical importance; as well as timely coverage of scientific research on the journal’s subject; professional examination of published scientific articles.

    The Editorial Staff is interested in forming a large highly professional scientific team of authors publishing their works in the journal, and in attracting regular readers.

     We are waiting for your publications in our journal. We hope to have creative cooperation with you. We believe the journal will interest you and will be in demand in scientific and research community.

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor

 Anatoliy Ivanov


     Original research papers in mathematics, mechanics, and physics are published in Science journal of Volgograd State University. Mathematics. Physics.

   The basic sections include mathematics, applied mathematics, information technologies, computer modeling, physics, radio physics, astrophysics.

    Reviews describing the current state of the main sections are also published in the journal.

   Articles are published free of charge. All journal articles are available free to all readers. Open access assumes that users are allowed to read , download, copy, distribute, print , search or find full texts of articles by the link without prior permission of publisher and author.